Kim Davis - Hallelujah! We have a martyr!

“Today, for the first time in history, an American citizen has been incarcerated for having the belief of conscience that marriage is between one man and one woman. It’s unprecedented in American law, and it answers the question, 'What will same-sex marriage mean for people of faith?' " - Roger Gannam, a lawyer with the Orlando-based Liberty Counsel that represents Kim Davis

I don’t believe Kim Davis is fully aware of just how much a pawn she has become in the hands of the Liberty Counsel and the likes thereof. I have no doubt that she feels she is acting out of her allegiance to God and her sincere, heart-felt beliefs, no matter how misguided they are. But I wonder if she realized there were political “buzzards” circling overhead patiently waiting for someone like her to volunteer their life so they could swoop down and feed upon her heart using her to become the face of the new American Christian Martyr?

Now she’s in jail, which is exactly where the buzzards wanted her. Even now I’m sure high fives are being exchanged with the exclamation, “We finally bagged a martyr!” She is now the face of Christian Martyrdom in the USA. The buzzards only have to hold up her photo now and say “See?! We told you this would happen if you allowed gays their rights! You’re next! They’ll be putting you in jail for your religious beliefs!”

Buzzards don’t care about Kim Davis, they just needed her. They needed a ridiculous situation like this to give credence to the scary messages they’ve been preaching for decades. This will be viewed as another sign of the end times. Pulpits will be ablaze with warnings of the horrible persecution that Christians will soon face just before Jesus returns. This will give a sense of urgency to the grab for political power to try to “save our nation” from the clutches of satan himself. America must “Turn back to God” or suffer his horrible judgement.

There’s just one big problem with all of this. The religious beliefs of Kim Davis or anyone else for that matter, are not being jeopardized in any way. No one is asking her to give up or change anything about her beliefs. In fact, in 2015 you can still believe that interracial marriage is a sin (as many still do) or that black people are cursed by God (as some churches still teach) but you can’t use that belief to deny their rights or bring harm to them. You can believe that gays are the scum of the earth and are going to hell but you can’t use that belief to deny them their legal rights or bring harm to them.

There is no religious persecution happening right now. No one is being forced to stop or change the way they worship. But these same fearmongers would have you believe that Christianity is the new downtrodden minority. I even heard at least one comparison of Kim Davis to Rosa Parks. What?! Rosa was just trying to exercise her legal rights to sit anywhere she wanted to on the bus. She was BEING persecuted not dishing it out! Just like these couples are trying to exercise their legal rights to get married. The one DOING the persecuting is Kim Davis. She is guilty of persecution by refusing to uphold the law and her legal responsibilities of issuing marriage licenses. She doesn’t need to approve of them. When she signs off on one, it isn’t any reflection of her beliefs, it simply says these two people meet the legal requirements of marriage in the USA as defined by powers above her. This has nothing to do with her religious views at all. Can you imagine if an elected sheriff refused assistance to someone based on his or her religious views?

Sitting in a jail cell, Kim Davis probably feels that God is smiling down on her. I’m sure the buzzards are reminding her of her rewards in heaven for suffering so greatly. I imagine that she feels pleased to be among the ranks of Paul and Silas in the Bible. She is now “suffering for Jesus”. Now if the buzzards can just keep her in jail long enough to get the religious right rallied behind her in a heated, national battle over religious liberty and liberals...especially the gays. Then they can once again try to get legislation passed like the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana and other such laws that allow discrimination and hatred in the name of Jesus. With an election coming up this will be an ideal time to use her to strike fear into the hearts of Christians everywhere.

The sad truth is Kim Davis is being used. This has nothing to do with God, the Bible or religion. It has everything to do with power, greed and money. Which, by the way, are condemned by God more often and more strongly than anything else in the Bible.

- Joel Barrett is a LGBTQ Writer, Speaker and Advocate. This appeared on You can find him at Joel Speaks Out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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