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Joel Barrett LGBTQ Writer, Speaker, Mentor

Godly But Gay

I share my colorful story of growing up in evangelical, fundamentalism as a gay young man whose only goal was to be a good, godly boy but always knowing that if anyone ever discovered I was gay, everything would change.  I spent my life doing the "right thing" while hiding who I was. 

I openly share my journey through fundamentalism, marriage and family, ministry, and ex-gay therapy.

Together we'll laugh and cry together and find inspiration in living a fearlessly, authentic life.

Joel Barrett LGBTQ Writer, Speaker, Mentor

Questions for Life's Answers

Navigating the challenges of life can be hard. Too many times we waste precious time searching for answers.  I believe we have the answers inside, we just need to be asked the right questions!  I like to think of it as questions to life's answers, in fact, I have collaborated on a  book by that name with my good friend Coach Gloria Swardenski.  It will soon be available for purchase.  

This message will leave you feeling empowered to question yourself and not fear the answer.  You'll begin to embrace your instincts and the truths within.

It's an insult not to trust yourself!


Joel Barrett LGBTQ Writer, Speaker, Mentor

The Power of Permission

Most of us grow up in a world defined by words like "should" and "no". What would life feel like if you gave yourself permission to think, feel, act, and LIVE?!  I believe in the positive power of permission! 

What are you waiting for?

Permission granted!  We'll fill out permission slips for life and explore a life of freedom.

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Joel Speaks Out

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